Super Sessions was founded in 2014 by an eclectic group of technology leaders, elite athletes, content producers and surf fanatics. In September 2014, with support from the Wickr Foundation, we sent thirteen big-wave surfing women a mysterious box with a GoPro and an iPad containing a video invitation from Super Sessions. They were asked to document their personal experiences as they prepared for and rode the biggest swells around the globe. From icy Ireland to France, California, South America and tropical Maui, these elite women embraced their unusual challenges and created something incredible.

In 2016, Super Sessions converted our expanding entity into a non-profit 501c3 organization led, in part, by a core group of surfer ambassadors. At least once a year, these surfers will come together on a group mission to a big wave mecca somewhere in the world to charge some of the biggest swells on the planet. While on these missions, these women connect with local female surfers of all ages through outreach projects, surf sessions and live happenings. Our mission is to inspire and mentor, share experience, further female participation and achievement in big wave surfing and promote human rights and women's rights specifically.

Super Sessions is committed to a simple goal: female empowerment through big wave surfing.

We are looking for you! If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Super Sessions community of surfers, please contact us at SuperSessionsSurf<at>

Super Sessions is supported by the Wickr Foundation, committed to advancing human greatness, private communication and uncensored information in the digital world.