The mission of Super Sessions is to elevate and inspire human greatness through women’s big wave surfing. Super Sessions is the world’s best big wave surfing women charging the biggest waves on the planet and sharing these experiences with their community. This is a platform for exceptional athletes to push their limits and inspire others.

We remain committed that all of our surfers own all of the footage they shoot and all of the content they produce. We simply ask that they in turn share this content with Super Sessions for our use in promoting and supporting the community.

Bringing together female surfers on a global scale is no simple task. Support from our fan base is an essential component to our success and this is very much in concert with the Super Sessions spirit. Super Sessions funding will never go to a corporation or sponsor. Rather, it goes directly to these insanely talented women and it supports their passion: chasing the biggest swells in the world and inspire women, young and old, the pursue their dreams unhindered by bias or discrimination.

It is up to all of us - athletes, fans and organizers - to make Super Sessions great.

by Nico Sell, founder