Super Sessions Vision

The mission of Super Sessions is to elevate and inspire human greatness through women’s big wave surfing. Super Sessions is the world’s best big wave surfing women charging the biggest waves on the planet and sharing these experiences with their community. This is a platform for exceptional athletes to push their limits and inspire others.

We remain committed that all of our surfers own all of the footage they shoot and all of the content they produce. We simply ask that they in turn share this content with Super Sessions for our use in promoting and supporting the community.

Bringing together female surfers on a global scale is no simple task. Support from our fan base is an essential component to our success and this is very much in concert with the Super Sessions spirit. Super Sessions funding will never go to a corporation or sponsor. Rather, it goes directly to these insanely talented women and it supports their passion: chasing the biggest swells in the world and inspire women, young and old, the pursue their dreams unhindered by bias or discrimination.

It is up to all of us - athletes, fans and organizers - to make Super Sessions great.

by Nico Sell, founder

Super Sessions:  Women on a Mission

Super Sessions: Women on a Mission

Super Sessions debuted last December as the first and only project of its kind: an organization providing the world's most talented female big wave surfers the resources to record their most epic moments and share them directly with fans. The first Super Sessions culminated in a week-long celebration in Half Moon Bay, California, home of Maverick’s, where it awarded some of the world’s finest big wave surfers $55,000 for their efforts. 

Last year’s historic project was a huge success, culminating on December 20th, the biggest day at Maverick's in five years. Super Sessions made a significant impact in elevating women’s big wave surfing, but it was only the beginning. The big news in 2016 is that Super Sessions has made the transition into a 501c3 non-profit organization with an expanded mission.

Moving forward, Super Sessions is committed to growing our community of surfers to include female big wave surfers, young and old, from all over the world. Anyone with a passion and a camera can submit their content for inclusion. We will continue to support a core group of surfer ambassadors who will steward the sport, our organization and our worldwide community through this evolution. Who are these surfers?

  • Paige Alms, Maui, HI
  • Emily Erickson, Oahu, HI
  • Keala Kennelly, Kauai, HI
  • Andrea Moller, Brazil
  • Savannah Shaughnessy, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Bianca Valenti, San Francisco, CA

Super Sessions fosters creativity and camaraderie through the spirit of friendly competition. Super Sessions empowers women and helps them to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. Super Sessions will continue to provide an inclusive experience with fans, bridging the gap between athletes and those who follow them, while allowing all parties to be creative with their craft.  

Surfer Ambassador Keala Kennelly, participant in the inaugural Super Sessions, has this to say:

“It was so different in the fact that we were supposed to send in our own videos and edit them, and it became a way for us to really get creative with our videos. It made it a lot of fun, it wasn’t just about ‘oh go out and surf, put on a jersey, and whoever gets the wave wins’. I had a lot of fun with it.”