Andrea was born in Brazil and was raised on the small island of Ilhabela. Growing up in her family’s marina, she was exposed to ocean sports from the time she could walk and always had her family’s full support to be the best competitive athlete that she could be. While in Brazil, she was a top medalist in swimming, biking and windsurfing.

At the age of 17, Andrea followed her dream and moved to Maui where she became a paramedic and professional water athlete. She dedicated her life to many water sports, focusing her biggest passion on surfing big waves, paddling outrigger canoes and SUP. She began paddling in 1999 to keep herself physically trained, took the sport seriously, and became internationally recognized as a proficient waterwoman.

Andrea Möller is a big wave surfer at heart.  Charging 40-foot plus waves at Peahi, also known as “Jaws,” is at the root of Andrea’s passion and is the truest expression of her power as an athlete.  Today she’s dedicated to surfing the biggest waves on Maui andthroughout the world.  She has been tow-in surfing Jaws since 2004 and became the pioneering woman as a jet ski operator, making rescues in high surf conditions, while also surfing left and right waves. What’s even more impressive, Andrea is the first woman to paddle in at Jaws.

Andrea’s goal is to take women’s SUP & big wave surfing to a higher level as well as to push the limits of her surfing, while excelling as a paddler. She wants to motivate both men and women to tap their potential and also be a role model to young athletes. 

Andrea Möller is a rare breed of athlete. She’s mentally and physically strong and is built for the challenges of big wave surfing. However, more importantly, Andrea has a heart of gold that’s expressed through her humility and camaraderie with others.

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